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HAS Center is located in the heart of South Central Los Angeles which is, according to Data USA, a “Severely Disadvantaged Community”. In a drug market analysis conducted by the National Drug Intelligence Center U.S. Department of Justice this area is considered a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and labeled ‘death alley’ by the Los Angeles Times with the highest homicide rate in LA County. Most of the youths in the area face enormous educational, social and family issues that severely affect and create a plethora of social emotional issues.  Sympathy is not the desired reaction, but rather effective education, resources, jobs, economic development, comprehensive mental health and assault on drug.  For this reason we are creating programs that focus on youth and community development.


Heart and Soul Center’s objective is to provide underserved communities with affordable quality production services, create employment opportunities and introduce them to the world of innovative digital technology.

Dr. Redmond’s anticipated outcome of programming has always been to provide a platform in which youth and the community find their voice to enhance self-esteem while
discovering “Imago Dei” (Image of God) within themselves.


Heart and Soul Center’s coaches assist students in creating video/film, digital
photography and graphics that not only make a difference but provide a unique and
productive medium in which they can express themselves.

Decades of hands-on experience by the CEO, Dr. Redmond, has rendered a unique perspective of teaching simultaneously using knowledge and practice.


HAS Center not only brings state of the art technology to students and the community, but it also creates a new generation of coaches and teachers, who learn the value of interacting with the youth, teaching them new skills with hands-on experience, and opening doors to new possibilities.


Dr. (DK) Dyke Redmond

CEO & Creative Director

While at Communications Bridge in Hollywood, a project founded by famed actor Brock Peters and his wife Didi, Dr. DK trained underserved individuals enabling them to work in
the television and film industry.
Dr. Redmond later started his own production company and was nominated for two Emmys, winning one, and won four cable ACE Awards.

He has been honored with the West LA College Teacher of the Year Award and while at California State University Los Angeles, he was acknowledged as the broadcast department’s highest rated teacher according to students’ surveys. He has also worked as Technical Director of the Black College Satellite Network, Executive Director of LA 36 (Los Angeles city-wide educational channel), and an Adjunct and Tenured college professor.

Dr. DK has built television studios from Inglewood, California to Brooklyn, New York's Medgar Evers College. He now serves as President and CEO of Heart and Soul (HAS) Center, located in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. DK has produced a variety of multimedia projects including commercials, PSA's, music videos, documentaries, and "Live" events. He also specializes in television production
training, and distance learning using live two-way interactive tele-conference technology.

This training and technology has been used in over 140 Los Angeles and Inglewood unified schools in which grades K through 8 produce multimedia productions as part of their
partnership. Through this program over half of the students host YDP Presents, a weekly 30-minute show on KLCS, a PBS station.

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